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There's no better sports-and-life role model for the Breathe Easy Play Hard "you can win, you will win with asthma" philosophy in action than the Olympic Games. Especially when it's a fact that more than 1 out of 4 Olympic and elite athletes already have asthma.

Pulmonologist Dr. Janis Schaeffer, a sports-and-asthma expert on young people of all ages, speaks below to several major national news and sports media about the enormous challenges and obstacles faced by Olympians with asthma. In Beijing, China, the measured pollution levels are 12 times the maximum recommended by the World Health Organization and the city has a reputation for excessive summer heat and humidity.

And she addresses how the Breathe Easy Play Hard mission helps develop young athletes and youth with asthma into smart competitors from day one--who can effectively deal with controlling asthma and avoiding triggers that worsen the chronic condition.
Dr. J on CNN
Dr. J on CNN
Dr. J explains the air quality and asthma situation in Beijing to CNN (Hong Kong bureau) during the early run-up to the Olympics.
Dr. J on WNBC-TV
Dr. J on WNBC-TV
Dr. J assesses the situation on the opening weekend of The Games for WNBC-TV, NBC's #1 flagship New York City station, on "Today in New York."
Exclusive Interview With Dara Torres
BEPH's exclusive interview with Dara Torres entitled "Dara Dares Defy the Odds at 41".
Dr. J Talks to Associated Press
Associated Press's Beijing bureau requested Dr. J's expert analysis on daily pollution levels during the Games in a story released worldwide.
Dr. J in the New York Times
New York Times Olympics reporter Greg Bishop captured Dr. J's thoughts on the effects of the Beijing air (on athletes with asthma) through a Q & A on his blog.
Dr. J on the Houston Chronicle front page
Dr. J talks with Houston Chronicle Olympics reporter David Barron about air quality in Beijing right before the Olympics.
Dr. J on WFAN Sports Radio 66
WFAN Sports Radio 66, flagship station for New York sports talk and home to the Mets and Giants, and host Bob Salter speak Breathe Easy Play Hard language during this one-hour interview with Dr. J.
DR. J on 1050 ESPN Radio
Two docs (Dr. Rob and Dr. J.) talk asthma and pollution on 1050 ESPN Radio New York, home to the Knicks, Jets and Rangers.
Dr. J in Allergy & Asthma Today
Dr. J offers asthma strategy and "how to win" tips about "Going for Gold With Asthma" to the Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of America's (AANMA) magazine, Allergy & Asthma Today.
Dr. J in Pure Hockey Magazine
Dr. J advises young hockey players on how to win with asthma in first of two-part series in Pure Hockey Magazine.
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